Monday, December 7, 2015


Discuss your happiest memory so far in the US.

Primary Stress Activity


Extra Resources
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 25:

Class Today:
  • Warm-Up:
    • What is something about you that would surprise other people? 
  • Stress Handout
    • Follow along with this stress handout
  • Interactive Teaching Continued
    • Discuss a handout in groups.
      • What words were challenging for you to understand?
      • What surprised you about the undergraduate's perspective?
  • Hot Seat
  • Fluency Practice (if time)

Next Class: Praat, Review Stress

  • Decide what day you want to present for your mini lecture and meet me for conference. Due to all our busy schedules, these dates are not flexible. 
  • Bring a transcription you did for one of your mini lectures. Be prepared to read it for class on Thursday
  • Please bring your laptop to class on Thursday! I will show you how to use Praat! It's an awesome tool. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 24

Class Today:
  • Warm-up talk
    • What do you know about Thanksgiving? Is there a similar holiday in your home country?
  • Watch The Paper Chase Clip
  • Continue Interactive Teaching
  • Idioms and Reviewing Linking
    • First practice saying the linking on these idioms with a partner. 
Next Class

Day 23: Putting it All Together

Class Today:
  • Warm-Up Talk:
    • Who was your favorite teacher and why? Who was your least favorite teacher and why?
    • Let's watch this youtube video. What did the teacher do wrong? 
  • Putting it All Together- Unit 4
  • Dark l/light l
  • Fluency
    • 3/2/1 Method
  • Hot Seat (if time)
1. Decide when you want to present your final mini lecture, here.
2. Don't forget to bring your self-evaluation sheet to our conference this week.
3. Pick a podcast/video from the list under useful links on the course website. Listen to a podcast or video and then record yourself summarizing it. Do not prepare for the summary. It should be natural speech. Then transcribe it. This will be due NEXT Thursday..

Next Class: Continue Fluency, Interactive Teaching, Dark and Light L,

Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 21 and 22- Mini Lecture 3

Day 21 & 22 - Time for Mini-Lecture 3!

1. You can see when you are scheduled to present, here

2. You can sign up for a conference time at this link, here.

3. You only need to attend class on the day you present. 

4. Please arrive on time the day you are supposed to present for your mini-lecture.

5. Please answer the questions on this form before our scheduled conference. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 20- Review Intonation, Questioning Strategies, Prep for ML 3

Class Today:
  • Warm-Up 
    • Do you believe in ghosts and/or magic? Why or why not?
  • Review Intonation
    •  Communicate, p. 99-101
    • Play "Telling the Truth"
  • Prepare for ML 3
  • Undergraduate Visit (maybe)
  • Hot Seat (if time)

Next Class: ML 3

1. Prepare for ML 3. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 19- Intonation, Primary Stress, Prep for Undergrad Visit

Class Today:
Warm-up: Discuss this quote, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."- Benjamin Franklin (5 minutes)

  • Find the message units, primary stress, and intonation in the quote "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." Remember every message unit has a primary stress. 
  • Now, let's go through this handout.
Giving Concise Answers
p. 94-95 in Communicate. As you discuss the questions, try to use appropriate intonation. I will go around the room and give you feedback.

Questioning Strategies Activity (9:30)
Hot Seat (if time)

Next Class: Undergraduate student visit

1.  Choose which day you want to present your mini-lecture next week, here.
2.  Read pgs 85-86 in preparation for undergraduate student visit Thursday.