Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 23: Putting it All Together

Class Today:
  • Warm-Up Talk:
    • Who was your favorite teacher and why? Who was your least favorite teacher and why?
    • Let's watch this youtube video. What did the teacher do wrong? 
  • Putting it All Together- Unit 4
  • Dark l/light l
  • Fluency
    • 3/2/1 Method
  • Hot Seat (if time)
1. Decide when you want to present your final mini lecture, here.
2. Don't forget to bring your self-evaluation sheet to our conference this week.
3. Pick a podcast/video from the list under useful links on the course website. Listen to a podcast or video and then record yourself summarizing it. Do not prepare for the summary. It should be natural speech. Then transcribe it. This will be due NEXT Thursday..

Next Class: Continue Fluency, Interactive Teaching, Dark and Light L,

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