Saturday, August 29, 2015

Days 5 & 6- Mini lecture presentations

Class this week:
This week is mini lecture 1 presentations!

After your presentation, I will upload your presentation in our shared box folder. View it and then fill out a handout I will give you. Here is a link to it, should you lose a copy. After your presentation you will meet with me to discuss your presentation.

Day 3- Message Units, Body Language, Syllabus Terminology

Class Today:
1. Message Units Activity
2. Introduce first Mini-lecture- Introducing a Syllabus
3. Body language-
    • Communicate p. 12- 13- in small groups discuss your answers. 
Next Class:  Continue body language,  introducing a syllabus

1. Read pgs. 19-21, 26 of Communicate. Be prepared to discuss the reading.
2. In order to practice, bring a syllabus from a class you would teach.
3. Pick what time you would like to meet with me to discuss your first mini-lecture presentation. Please do this quickly. Use this shared google doc.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 2- Message Units Part 1

Class Today:
  • Attendance
    • Are you in the right class?
    • Are you registered?
  • Warm-Up
    • Interview each other. Then introduce each other to the class. 
      • Questions:
        • What is your full name?
        • What is your preferred name?
        • Where is your hometown?
        • If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? 
          • (not sleeping or studying!)
    • Teacher and Culture Discussion
  • What are Message Units/Thought Groups?
    • Explanation
    • Look at this handout
      • First listen to me read them. 
      • Then repeat after me.  
      • Listen again and note when I pause. 
    • Now practice in pairs with this handout
1. Read pgs. 12-13 in Communicate.
2. Make a shared box folder called your netid ESL 506. 

Next Class: Continue Message Units, Body Language, Syllabus Terminology

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 1- Welcome to ESL 506

Class Today:
  • Attendance
    • Are you registered? 
    • Please put the following on this piece of paper
      • FULL name
        • Kathleen Becker
      • UIN
        • 676331815
      • Netid
        • kbecker4
  • Overview of ESL Pronunciation Courses
    • 504 or 506?
  • Student Information Form
  • First Day Handout
  • Ice Breaker (if time)
  • Placement exam (optional)
Next Class: Message Units